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7 small house renovation ideas before Christmas

Living in a tiny house doesn’t mean you can’t renovate your space to make the most of your space and stay on top of the best interior and exterior design fashions. Thus, in this article we’ll give you seven small house renovation ideas to transform your home in time for the holidays. 

1. Renew your exterior paint

The exterior of your home is the first impression others have of it. So, among the best small house renovation ideas is to give your home a fresh coat of paint. 

Among the trends in exterior paint renovation ideas are earthy and warm colors which can bring out the green in your garden. However, renovating your exterior paint on your own can be quite difficult and exhaustive so we recommend hiring professionals for the task.

2. A touch of interior color changes any space.

Another one of the most popular small house renovation ideas is to take advantage of color to radically transform the space. 

This is one of the most common home remodeling ideas since color is an inexpensive way to really transform your home. For a small home, light colors are recommended to give the feeling of space and minimalism.

If you are going to hire a painting service for both exterior and interior, make sure they have warranties and use quality paints such as Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams.

3. Move the furniture you already have

When it comes to thinking about house renovation ideas, it is often thought that they must be expensive to really get noticed. However, there are small house renovation ideas that won’t cost you anything.

Sometimes moving a chair from one room to another or swapping the position of your bed with that of your closet can make something so simple seem like a complete small home renovation. 

4. Opt for an open floor plan.

There is nothing that makes a house look smaller than a completely enclosed space. Thus, one of the best small house renovation ideas is to get rid of a couple of walls.

Small house renovation trends advise eliminating the walls between the kitchen and the living room or the kitchen and the dining room to give the feeling of a single large space. However, we do not advise you to do this on your own, look to hire a professional service.

5. Increases natural light

Just as light wall colors allow your home to look more spacious, one of the small home renovation ideas that also gives the illusion of spaciousness is to increase natural light.

Thus, consider including large windows or skylights in your renovation ideas to let as much natural light into your home as possible. In the same way, the windows will allow you to have beautiful views.

6. Take advantage of the decoration

Small house renovation ideas are reduced by the space of the same. Therefore, instead of filling your home with furniture you can focus your small house renovation on decorations that give touches of color and textures to your spaces.

For example, a rug with geometric shapes or art paintings, which do not detract from the space, but add life to the place.

7. Focus on home storage renovation.

Since these are small house renovation ideas, it is clear that you can’t miss home storage renovations. So, to get a nice and neat environment in a small space you should focus on getting vertical furniture where you can store items.

Other home storage renovations involve acquiring furniture that serves two functions, for example, a coffee table that allows the top of the table to be raised for storage.