7 Christmas colours to paint inside your home

The holidays are approaching and with them, you may be thinking about painting the interior of your home with Christmas colours to match your decorations. Not only this, but you can choose Christmas themed colors that will work all year round, so, in this article we recommend colors that you can use for painting at Christmas but that you can also leave for the rest of the year. 

1. Cream colors

If there is one Christmas decorating color that never goes out of style, it is classic red. With this in mind, red will stand out nicely in a room with cream or dingy white Christmas colours. This as the strong color is evident in a more subtle palette.

Not only this, but they are one of the holiday colours that work best throughout the year, as they combine with any decor you want, in addition to generating the illusion of more space in your home.

2. Red colors

On the other hand, if you want much stronger and innovative Christmas colours, you can choose for your painting at Christmas with different shades of red. Surely when searching for ”what are the Christmas colors“ you will find several versions of red. Our advice is to opt for an accent wall in your living room and combine these Christmas themed colors with gold and green Christmas decorations. For the rest of the year, this accent will add a modern touch to your home.

3. Gray colors

If you like modern holiday colours, you can be painting for Christmas with the color gray. This is because this color is perfect for the most contemporary decorations: gold, silver and even rose gold. In recent years, these shades have been trending for the holidays. Thus, by painting your home with gray colors, you help to highlight your Christmas decorations.

Also, as with all the colors listed, gray is still a perfect tone for the rest of the year as it combines with other decorative colors, especially if your furniture has a modern touch. 

4. Dark green colors

Another color you are likely to find when researching ”what are the Christmas colors “ is dark green, specifically those that resemble nature and certain types of Christmas trees, such as Douglas fir.

It is important when selecting Christmas colours to make sure you buy quality paints like Benjamin Moore, in shades like Essex Green, which gives a homey look and highlights a variety of decorating colors: reds, golds, whites, silvers and, especially, wood ornaments. 

5. Dark blue colors

Another of the Christmas colours that can work very well no matter the time of the year while highlighting your decorations to surprise your loved ones are dark blues. Dark blues have become popular in recent years because of their elegance and sobriety, also, they are able to highlight green, silver and white decorations. 

White and silver Christmas ornaments are also modern and subtle, great for those who don’t want a Christmas colours palette that is too obvious or overdone. 

6. Pink colors

You may be surprised by the recent trend of pink paint in homes, however, there is nothing more trendy than pastel pink walls. They add a lovely touch to the home, while maintaining a sense of space because they are light tones. 

When it comes to using these as Christmas colours, rose gold ornaments are undeniably popular, however, if you choose to use the pink tone on your walls, you can use shiny gold and silver colors for the decorations, which will certainly stand out. 

7. Brown colors

Finally, we recommend another of the neutral and traditional Christmas colours: browns. Brown tones, due to the use of trees and wooden decorations, have the Christmas spirit without being extravagant.

This way, you can pair your brown walls with red and green decorations, for a typical and wonderful Christmas.

If you want to be painting for Christmas, but feel you don’t have the time or knowledge, you can consult with professional painters. In this case we recommend Xico Enterprises, who not only have extensive experience, but also use quality paints such as Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams.