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Tired of annoying faded or peeling paint that makes your home or commercial establishment look shabby? Exterior painting is one of the easiest and most economical ways to give a new look to the outside of your commercial establishment and also the most effective way to give a fresh and renewed air to your home, making it more attractive and welcoming.

If you are looking for the best painting company in Victoria for your renovation jobs, let us tell you that we at Xico Enterprises Inc. have the perfect solution for you.

Exterior Painting Victoria

Why choose Xico Enterprises?

Our exterior house painting and commercial exterior painting services are designed to meet all your needs, so don’t hesitate to leave your painting jobs in the hands of our experts.

With over 500 projects completed and over 1000 satisfied customers, we are proud to be a reliable and solid choice in professional painting services in the city of Victoria.

Professional painters near me?

What will we do for you? Our professional painters take on the task of painting the exterior surface of your home or building efficiently, safely and to the highest standards in the market:

Exterior Painting in Saanich BC

Exterior painting service includes:

Surface Evaluation

  • Before we begin painting, our professional painters evaluate the condition of the surface to be painted to determine if there are any wear, damage or cracking problems. We also identify any areas that need to be repaired before painting.
  • Stucco homes may need the hairline cracks caulked prior to painting, while wood siding homes may need the use of light palm sanding to bring the surface to it’s desired level of prep. We make sure your exterior surfaces are prepared properly prior to painting.

Surface Preparation

  • In order for the paint coating to last, it’s very important to prepare the surface properly. Xico Enterprises always ensures surfaces are clean, dry and free of any old paint before applying the new coat of paint.
  • First, we wash the exterior of your home with a delicate power wash or hand scrubbing. This removes any mildew or moss that may have built up over time. Our professional exterior painters will sand and scrape the surface, and repair any imperfections, such as cracks or holes.

Color and Paint Selection

  • It’s not always easy choosing colors for your home. When you hire Xico Enterprises to paint your exterior in Victoria, BC our professional painters can also advise you with practical experience on the best choice of paint color.
  • We can also recommend a top quality paint which will be of the highest quality, in order to ensure long life and protection against the weather and various environmental factors.

Protection and Safety

  • Our professionals ensure that the area around the surface to be painted is protected to avoid damaging any other areas of the property. They also use safety equipment suitable for working at heights, such as scaffolding or harnesses.

Paint Application

  • Once the surface is prepared and protected, our professional painters apply the new coat of paint using appropriate techniques to achieve a uniform and high quality finish.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • After painting, our professional exterior painting service will clean and restore the area to the way it was before work began, as well as provide advice on how to maintain the painted surface and when to schedule a tentative maintenance or renovation date.

Now that you know our methods, don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote, get the best painters in the Victoria area and get the highest quality and professional service!

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