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What colors are going to be trendy in living rooms in 2023?

With the new year approaching, a paint for the living room wall makeover may be just the change you need. Also, with 2023 comes new trends in paint for the living room wall and living room decor. Thus. and for you to start next year with your home refreshed, in this article we will give you thebest colors for the living room.

The best colors for the living room 2023

The living room is the heart of your home, it’s where your visitors spend time or where you watch TV with your family. Thus, it is key that you choose the best living room colors that complement the design and style of your home. So, below, we will give you living room color ideas.

1. Whites and beiges

A classic coming of the best living room paint colors of 2022 and one that will continue to be in style next year are white and beige shades. 

White and neutral-toned paints give the illusion that your living room is more spacious, and allow you to play with the color scheme in your decor and furniture.

Not only this, but according to the famous paint brand Sherwin Williams, white remains one of their most popular colors.

 In the case of beige, this was one of the favorite paint colors of 2022. This is especially ideal to combine with the stronger colors of your other spaces. 

2. Greens and sages

Indisputably, among the best living room colors and favorite paint colors of 2022 are green shades, specifically salvias.

Soothing greens have become trendy in recent years because they give a sense of nature and sanctuary to your living room. The most popular hands down when it comes to living room color ideas in shades of green is sage. 

Along with greens you can combine neutral and earthy furniture colors to really give the illusion of nature.

3. Deep blues

Among the best living room paint colors of 2022 are dark blues. You may think these 2022 paint colors are too bold, however, it may be just the touch your home needs.

This paint for the living room wall can also be used as an accent and paired with gray or neutral shades. In decorating you can use gold accents to contrast with the blue.

4. Yellow and orange tones

It may surprise you, but one of the best colors for the living room for 2023 are shades of yellow and orange. These add a touch of life to your living room and brighten it up.

These paint colors of 2022 even pair very well with each other. So, you can have a red accent wall and orange decorations which we assure you will look great together.

Plus, the wood tones of the furniture match these living room color ideas. 

5. Pink

Surely, you’ve noticed a color trend in recent years, this not only includes the paint colors of 2022 but clothing, accessories and even technology. So, these are some of the best colors for the living room: pastel pinks. 

Not only does pink stay relatively neutral and still give a pop of color in your living room, but it also goes with a lot of shades for your furniture and décor: grays, greens, golds and earth tones.

We hope you found this article helpful in identifying the best colors for the living room for next year. Remember that painting can be a difficult and exhausting process, which is why we advise you to hire a professional service that also uses high quality paints such as Cloverdale Paint and Benjamin Moore.