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5 tips for choosing the best interior house painters in Victoria, BC

If you’ve never had to hire interior house painters, chances are you probably don’t know where to start. However, painting your home is very important not only for aesthetic reasons but also for protection against the elements, such as moisture. 

Considering the above, in this article we give you 5 tips to get the best interior house painters in your area and have your dream home.

1. Take advantage of the Internet and research

First of all, you should research which interior house painters provide services in your city. This exercise is as simple as typing “interior house painters near me” into your favorite search engine.

Once you’ve selected a couple of options that catch your eye, check out their websites and reviews from past customers. Generally, a well-maintained website is a good sign since it means they have invested in their business. 

Some interior house painting companies may have their portfolio, contact forms, products they use and services they offer on their websites, so you should not only check third party reviews but go to the company’s website as it may have valuable information to make a decision. 

Most state what paints they use; we recommend you verify that they are Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore since they are among the best in the market and offer guarantees to their suppliers.

2. Consultation on your ideas with interior house painters

Before getting a fixed quote, most interior house painting services will visit your home or at least ask for measurements of the rooms you want to paint. Even then, they are more likely to decide to go see the site for themselves.

During these visits, the interior house painters can verify not only the size of the room, but the furniture that needs to be moved, possible arrangements that need to be made and even what colors would look best.

It is very important that you take advantage of this first contact to ask all the pertinent questions, how is the work process, how long does it take, what unforeseen costs may occur, doubts about the materials and chemicals in the paints, among others. No matter how small the question is, it is better to ask it at this stage.

3. Warranties and certifications

In some areas, licenses are required to offer exterior and interior painting services. A great idea is for you to verify that the interior painting company has a license, even if it is not required where you live.

This license lets you know that the company has studied and certified its painting methods. Similarly, many interior house painters offer warranties on the paints they use and their techniques. 

4. Request a portfolio of interior house painters

Most interior house painters services have a portfolio of images of their previous work. You can check out our work of previous interior projects on our facebook page. You should probably request it once you contact them since not all of them have it available at a glance on their website, but it doesn’t hurt to check in detail.

We always advise you to ask for the portfolio. This will not only allow you to see the work they do, but you can get inspiration for your spaces and order similar paints or finishes.

5. Request everything in writing!

Finally, no matter which interior painting company you choose, it is necessary that the quotes you receive are in writing. This allows that even if there are changes in the price, it will not be significant.

Some interior house painters charge extra for some services, for example, moving heavy furniture, so a written estimate is helpful to accurately identify each cost. The team at Xico Enterprises Ltd. is happy to assist you with moving any furniture without any added charges.

Likewise, it assures you exactly what services they offer, gives you approximate times and what products will be used. When it comes time to compare and make your final decision, seeing all the written estimates makes your decision easier.

We hope these tips help you and if you need more information about good painting jobs you can read another of our articles here.