house exterior colors

Check out these 5 exterior house painting ideas for your home

Whether you are renovating your home or building it from scratch for the first time, you need the best exterior house painting ideas. This is because the exterior colors of the house are its calling card. Thus, it is key that you are comfortable with them and that they also go according to the architectural style of your home. So, here are five exterior house painting ideas.

1. Creamy soft whites

Traditionally, white has been the color of choice for exterior house colors. However, in the past, radiant whites were used to give the appearance of spaciousness and sterility. 

Currently, one of the best exterior house painting ideas is to give a twist to the radiant white and use creamy whites, more opaque and in line with the current aesthetics. 

Creamy whites give your home a sophisticated look without looking overly bright as it did in the past. Also, the use of a soft white allows you to choose almost any color doors and windows you want and have them look good.

2. Dark black

Another of the exterior house painting ideas that has recently become a trend, especially for those residences with modern architecture, is to paint them completely black.

It looks bold; however, it not only highlights your home, but gives it a modern, almost futuristic look, which is all the rage. According to experts from the famous Sherwin Williams exterior house color line, it is also an excellent exterior house painting color idea that is surrounded by plants or other green landscapes. This since it highlights the flora in your garden.

3. Natural soft and dark greens

If you’ve been looking for exterior house painting ideas, you’ve probably already seen how popular it is to use greens as exterior house colors. Thus, a creamy green makes an amazing contrast to a colorful garden.

On the other hand, it is also an excellent option if the architecture of your home is more rustic and classic. This is because these colors highlight the homey, cottage-like spirit of typical suburban homes. 

If you want a slightly more modern look, but still with green you can play with brick textures and darker greens. 

4. Earthy neutrals: brown and gray

Right now, one of the most popular exterior house painting ideas is to use earthy, neutral tones. That is, dark brown exterior house colors that are similar to earth, stone and even clay. 

Like others listed here, this exterior house painting color idea highlights the flora and its colors. 

Brown is an especially appropriate color for homes that have metal or stone accents, windows or doors, as it contrasts nicely with grays and industrial looks.

5. Dark navy blue and pastel blue

According to interior and exterior paint company Benjamin Moore, navy blue is on trend. This color looks great in contemporary architecture and allows you to have yellowish wood accents on windows and doors without any problems. 

On the other hand, if you want a more traditional and softer look, you can opt for a pastel blue. This is perfect for a traditional, family-friendly home. Also, this is great for pairing with white windows and doors. 

Finally, we hope you find these exterior house painting ideas useful. If you want to change the exterior colors of a house in the Canadian area, remember to hire certified professionals who also use excellent quality paints. We recommend Xico Enterprises, which offers guarantees and color tests so you can choose the best option for your house.