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Home painting: 5 reasons to hire a professional

Painting your home, whether it’s one room or the entire interior, is a much more difficult task than it sounds. We tend to think that home painting services are more expensive than doing the job ourselves, however, home painting without prior experience can be terrible. 

So, here are five reasons why you should consider hiring a house painting service.  

What is residential painting?

Surely, if you’ve searched for professional painters you’ve come across the term «residential painting«. Many people find this term confusing, as we are used to hearing simply «home painting».  

With the above in mind, first of all, we want to clarify that residential painting is nothing more than the term used to distinguish a professional service from the simple act of painting a wall of your house. Thus, when looking for professional painters, we advise you to use the term «residential painting». 

1. Quality work and tools for home painting

A professional painter knows the best tools and types of paints for your needs. For example, which paint is best for your home or which brush or roller to use for different types of surfaces. 

Some people, when trying to paint their house by themselves, may choose cheap and poor-quality paints or may not properly apply masking tape, causing stains or imperfections. 

2. Prompt and timely completion

Painting a single room or your entire house is time consuming, you must clean the walls, move your furniture, balance the project with your other daily activities, among others. In addition, lack of experience can cause it to take even longer. 

On the contrary, a home painting service has several hands and an organization is already determined to finish the job as soon as possible. 

3. You save money

Contrary to popular belief, hiring a professional house painting service is likely to be cheaper in the long run.  

Not only do they have an in-depth knowledge of the best paints on the market, ensuring that your walls will look fresh for as long as possible, but they also avoid having to redo the job early. A quality paint job along with a job well done can make your home paint last between 5 to 10 years. 

Likewise, because they buy so much material for their multiple jobs, top home paint brands like Benjamin Moore and Sherwim-Williams are likely to offer discounts that individuals don’t have access to.  

4. Home painting services include before and after

Painting a house does not only imply taking a roller and a can of paint, previous preparation must be done and after finishing the job, it must be cleaned.  

It is common not to know what is needed to paint your home, first of all, you need to check if you need to repair holes, then you need to clean the wall, use masking tape and move the furniture. 

When painting is finished, the room must be cleaned and rearranged. All of this is time consuming and professional painting services include these phases. 

5. Connoisseurs of color trends and color theory for home painting

Many times, we choose colors for our home simply because we like them in our daily lives or because we have seen that they are fashionable when looking for «home paint ideas». However, these are not always the best choices.  

For example, a very dark color in the wrong room can make the space look smaller than it is. A professional service ensures that the colors will be the best and that your home will look fantastic.

We hope this information has helped you. If you want to know more about a good home painting job, we invite you to read this article on the subject.