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Learn more about Xico Enterprises’ exterior painting services

Exterior painting is a job you can do yourself, but that means sacrificing some of your time and encountering problems in the process. However, if you hire the exterior painting services of Xico Enterprises, you will get the look you want for your home or business while enjoying your free time. 

Our painting service is characterized by covering areas of the home, commercial and even restaurants. Therefore, no matter the size of your project, at Xico Enterprises we have a trained team ready to work with quality paint to meet your needs. Learn more about our exterior painting services!

Get a quote

If you have decided to hire house painting services from Xico Enterprises, then you will receive a quote. To do so, you must contact us and fill in the requested fields, then we will contact you to get more information and you will also have an estimator to better evaluate your project. That way, you will have an objective estimate on the cost of the work you want for your residential, commercial or restoration. 

Preparing your home for painting

At Xico Enterprises we first assess the situation for exterior painting. This preparation should start with a good plan and identify any trouble spots, such as peeling paint or lead paint. Therefore, it is important to check in detail in the areas of the site to see if there is any paint migration. If so, our team will prepare all surfaces so that new, durable paint can be applied. 

Top quality paint for your projects

We use only the best quality paint, the latest technology and expert painters to create a new look for your home. Update yourself with the latest trends in home colors creating a beautiful style to renovate the exterior of your home or business with fresh paint that will make it look new again. You can choose the colors you like the most, but also, with our exterior painting services, you can get better advice from our experts and make a good decision for your project.

We adapt to your schedule

Our exterior painting services are designed to meet your expectations and fit your schedule. It is important for every homeowner to be present during the work process, so if you can’t be a part of it, Xico Enterprises will adjust to your schedule so you can be a part of your project’s work. 

Why choose Xico Enterprises exterior painting services?

  • We produce a superior level of professional residential and commercial painting services.
  • We have a customer service department that will help you solve any doubt before, during and after painting.
  • We offer quality-assured services that approach every engagement as a partnership.
  • We provide honest upfront pricing so you know the true cost of your painting projects.
  • In addition, our painting services are more extensive than you can imagine, since we not only take care of the exterior, we can also paint inside with different techniques and types of paints.